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To run your elevators and escalators in safe and smooth conditons and in long-time, they need regular maintenace service. Our monthly service includes preventive inspections to anticipate possible problems, cleaning services and lubrication. Our competent technicians'regular monthly check service will minimize disruption in your elevator operation.

Monthly services we make when we do serving are as follows.

Check Elevator Control

Check Electrical Parts in Control

Check Condition of Mechanical Parts, Motor and Steel Rope or Belt.

Check Door Mechanical Parts

Add lubricant to the Guide Rail to run smoothly

Clean Guide Bracket

Clean Door Sill

Check the condition of Cage and check the electrical and mechanical parts of Car Door Operator

Check Speed Governor and Wedge

Check Car Guide Shoe

Check the Counter Weight Frame and Guide Shoe

Check Bolt Nut

Check wiring conditions in Lift Well

Check Cage Buffer and Counter Weight Buffer.

Check Limit Switch, Governor Switch, Buffer Switch, Door Lock Switch and Pit Switch

Check Emergency Phone, Emergency Light and Auto Rescue Devices