About Us
Who We Are

Since 2018, Myanmar Lift Group has distributed both SWORD and STEP elevators and escalators throughout Myanmar as the sole distributor. These two brands, based in China, are leading elevator and escalator brands in China Market serving solution to world-wide. We bring this international expertise for our Myanmar people to give the safest product. In order to give our service to the whole Myanmar, our offices are opened in major cities of country including head-office in Yangon, offices in Mandalay and Taunggyi. Moreover, we are planning to open more offices in strategic cities throughout Myanmar.

Up to the present, we have sold over (150) SWORD and STEP elevators and escalators in Myanmar by getting the positive feedback from customers. As over 60 engineers who have more than 15 years' experience are leading our company, our success is growing.

We are providing the total solution service including distribution, installation and after sale services of products. Our engineers are taking care of every step of installation and are giving reliable services for every step. We also sell Mechanical and Electrical parts and spare parts on wholesale and retail basis for all kinds of elevator and escalator brands at our showrooms in Yangon, Mandalay and Taunggyi. Moreover, Modernization service is one of our famous services. To upgrade existing elevators into new ones, people can use our Modernization service which is the process of reforming old elevators to be able to handle new technology and have better performance.

As we are the direct channel from manufacturer to end users, we can offer comparative and fair price to our valued customers. We believe that supporting the development of construction industry is key factor for our long-term success.

What we do?

Sell new elevators and escalators
Sell spare parts for all kinds of elevator and escalator brands
Provide installation, maintenance and modernization services

Our Vision

To be the reliable market leader in Myanmar elevator and escalator industry by providing high-quality and fair priced products manufactured in line with the European Standard (EN-81) which can fulfill requirements of customers for safety and excellent service and becoming the well-known brand who can penetrate the market in the short-period.

Our Mission

Price must be worth for our quality.
Full guarantee is given for safety.
Solution must be delivered as fast as possible within 24 hours to the project to be serviced.
Safety must be the first priority for elevator and escalator users.

Myanmar Lift Group’s
The main advantages
  • Our Myanmar Lift Group Company was established by professional engineers of 15-20 years working experience.
  • We import and sell only the fully qualified products which are checked systematically and inspected by ourselves in the factory.
  • Our products are user-friendly and made with advanced technology.
  • The primary advantage of Myanmar Lift Group is that price is affordable for local users.
  • All spares parts of our elevators and escalators are stocked. Therefore, if the product breaks down, we can replace the new spare part and repair it within an hour to minimize the breakdown time.
  • Myanmar Lift Group Elevator Company supplies parts and accessories of various elevator and escalator brands and renders installation and maintenance services.